Friday, September 3, 2010

The rest of our trip

Well after leaving Spokane we kept having internet problems, and after coming back to Albuquerque I've just been lazy.  So here's the rest of our trip through Oregon and California.  We stayed 5 days in Portland visiting Brandon's family, went to the Evergreen Aviation Museum and OMSI.  They also have a year round Christmas store called Sleigh Bells that I went to.  Got Cody some birthday and Christmas presents.  I could have spent hours in there but only had an hour and had Brice with me.  All of the personalized ornaments have every name imaginable except Brice.  We'll just have to get him a few specially made!

Pictures are going to take awhile on this internet, so I will post more later.  Probably when we move in our house in a few months.  You can also look at them on  There are some of San Diego, and we will put more current ones up when we get a house as well. 

After Oregon, we drove straight through for 18 hours to get to San Diego.  By doing that we were able to have 4 days instead of 3.  We had dinner one night on the beach, cooked hot dogs on sticks over the fire, and roasted marshmellows.  Brice and Cody went on the boogie board.  The water was actually decent while the sun was still up.  We also went to Balboa Park and had a picnic lunch, then walked around for a few hours. 

Of course the drive to Albuquerque was long and boring, but we were able to stop in Phoenix for lunch with a couple of my 03 Tops in Blue friends! 

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