Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just today

I can't believe today is only Wednesday!  The time here definitely does not fly by.  Last night we went to a Greek restaurant with our new friends, I think it was the best eating food we've had so far.  It was a little bit pricey but oh well, we'll get it back eventually!  The pay system when you move over here is rediculously messed up, we'll get into all that later. 

The great news is that this morning was the last time Cody had to walk to the bus stop!!  I asked a dad that I met on Monday if he would be willing to pick Cody up in the morning and take him, and he offered to pick him back up in the afternoon too.  That is going to make a world of difference, Cody is thrilled already.  The bus ride is still long but oh well, nothing we can do about that. 

School is out at 1230 on Wednesdays, which today worked out perfect because we got to see the baby chicks!  I wish I could have taken a picture of them.  There were 135 that started hatching at 1 in the morning last night and were still hatching when we went to look at them around 230.  The owner put all the fluffy ones in a big cardboard box and left the rest of the eggs and the slimy ones in the incubator.  We found out about these chickens because about 3 days ago Cody was watching the neighbors train one of their horses.  The lady invited Cody and Brandon over to look at all the animals.  They have a ton of horses and cows, lots of new calfs and even a calf that was one day old.  At the time, the chickens were just eggs, and she said to come back in 3 days to see them hatched.  So she called Hugo to tell Cody and luckily we were here.  Brice wasn't all that into them, but petted one I had in my hand.  He grabbed its beak though for too long and it had to break away from his grasp! 

It seems like Brandon is going to be working late every day, he got home around 530 today.  I couldn't wait anymore for him and ate dinner without him.  I had soup that was kind of like spaghetti with the noodles and meatballs.  When Brandon got to eat, him and the kids (and I had what was left) of some kind of bread with a meat mixture spread out on top of it.  It was a little sweet, sort of like pizza.  We decided we need to start taking pictures of the food so you can know what I'm talking about. 

Tomorrow I have to go to T Mobile and get our pre paid phone fixed.  I locked it out on accident.  And then Friday someone is taking me to Schinnen, the Army base, to go to the Commisary and what not.

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