Thursday, September 30, 2010

28 days later....

We're in the house, we have a car, Cody loves school, Brice is happy, I'm taking a dance class once a week, and Brandon still really isn't doing anything work but he's good too.  Internet gets installed on the 14th, the same day the car gets registered, but there's an unsecure wireless network we're using in the meantime!  Brandon and I were talking yesterday, and it seems like we've ventured out and about more than most people in the time we've been here.  We are not ones to sit idly by and watch the world go on without us, and I am so glad that both of us our like that.  Last Sunday we went to the Levende Geschiendenis which is a living history festival where they have camps set up from how people lived from 1140 to WWII and Vietnam.  It's held at a farm nearby where fighting took place during every war.  We were able to see a few WWII reanactments and a little bit of some knights fighting.  We missed most of that battle because we were watching the Vikings.  We took about 400 pictures, I'm going to have Brandon put them all on Flickr since I can only do a handful on here.   The website for the festival is  It's in Dutch but I think there's an English link somewhere.  Hugo told us about it on Saturday, he took his boys, so we went on Sunday, of course it was cloudy and cold when we went but Brandon said that makes it more authentic.  It made me realize how cold and wet they must have been all the time.  Dig a fox hole, it rains, doesn't have time to dry out before it rains again.  They must have been so miserable beyond belief. 

I've been trying to upload pictures but this connection is pretty slow so they will have to wait! 

Today we officially moved into the house, cleaned, did laundry, and bought groceries!!  I can't wait to make dinner tonight.  Chicken, corn on the cob, and salad!  We need to eat some salad so bad!!  Brice even took a nap in his new room.  The washer, dryer and oven were delivered this morning, and we got some dishes from the Community Support Center on base so we can have dishes and pots and pans.  Even came with a knife set.  The owner left his kitchen table for now, but that is being picked up on Sunday.  We're still trying to find a table we want.  We think we found the couch we want but are still looking around.  Saturday we went to Ikea to look at everything and found a few cute things.  Not sure what we're going to do in Cody's room, but decided to do jungle animals in Brice's room.  They have some really cute, soft animals at Ikea :)  Yesterday we went to a place called Living for All to look at home stuff and we thought it was going to be a decent size store.  We walked in and went upstairs first which had a few things, but then we came around the corner to the other set of stairs and realized that place is HUGE.  It looked like it spread out forever.  And we forgot the stroller so we had to carry Brice.  I think it took almost an hour to go through the whole place.  We found the towels we want at a store called Jysk, Brandon is picking those up on his way home from work because we forgot to go while we were out for groceries. 

So that's it for today!  Saturday we are going to Schinnen to get more groceries, all of the standard things and drinks mainly.  We're going to try to keep that trip to a minimum because it's an hour and a half away.  We have to go to the bank so we're getting food and such while we're there.  I still need to get a clothesline so we don't use the dryer as much, maybe tomorrow.

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