Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just a Quick Update

First and most importantly, Cody passed his final swimming test! He now has his C diploma, having made it through the whole swimming lesson process. He is even a better swimmer than his dad! 

Most of my photos ended up blurry, but here he is receiving the diploma and a hat! 

Now I just need to enroll Brice, he will probably be starting in August.

Kyle is getting better and better at walking, he does great until he realizes what he is doing, and then he falls down. Or face plants. This poor guy has fallen on his head so many times :(  Today the boys played outside and I let him play in his water table for a little bit. He loves splashing and I can't wait to get him in a pool next month! 

Friday was the first day we had to wait for the canal bridge, there was a barge going through, and Brice thought it was pretty awesome!  But he didn't like that it took so long.
We are eagerly awaiting our slew of Spring/Summer visitors. Vickie comes in 2 weeks and I finally get to do everything in Holland I want to do, following by Brandon's parents and then my cousin Annie and her boyfriend.  All pretty much back to back so it will be exciting!!  Oh and next weekend we are going out of town for the weekend, just me and Brandon, and I have no idea where we are going. It is somewhere that is all inclusive and as long as I don't have to do ANYTHING, it is going to be perfect. We need this alone time and I can't wait!!  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Pirate Parrrrty

Kyle had an awesome birthday party yesterday! Him and his friends played pin the parrot on the pirate, went on a treasure hunt, ate some cake, and took some pirate portraits!

Pirate Prisoners

Kyle and Auntie Heather

Going on a treasure hunt!

Climb the fence and run to the treasure!

Digging for gold coins, jewels, stickers, and jewelry

Why are you putting on these toys down there and not letting me play with them???

Right after Brandon said "watch him so he doesn't grab the flame"  I failed at watching...he grabbed the flame.

Mmmmmm chocolate

Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Birthday Boy!

Happy 1st Birthday Kyle!  I can't believe he is a year already, the time has flown by. We are having his party on Saturday so there will be a ton more pictures then!

3 Week Update

I hate getting behind, because then I don't want to go back and update on everything, I just want to start over, but a lot has happened in the last three weeks! 

We finished Brice's birthday celebration with a party at an indoor water park. A lot of the older kids have parties there but this was our first time. It was awesome! We are definitely going to be going there more since we live a lot closer. He also opened the rest of his presents from family.
He loves dressing up! And he wanted Star Wars cupcakes. They were made by my friend Tammy.

Thank you Nana!! 

Thank you Grandpa!

Blowing out the candles. I am dumb and left them in the locker room, so we had to wait until we were done to get them out.

Brice and his friend Charlie

We went to the Zoo outside of the base the next week, apparently there are a lot of animals that eat dead baby chics.
Those yellow spots are the dead chics

Feeding the otters through a slit in the glass

We moved into our new houst last week!  And someone lost their first tooth. The other one on the bottom is very loose so that should be coming out soon too. He was so excited to get money from the tooth fairy!!

This is my new kitchen buffet!!  I found it at a thrift store and it is exactly what I wanted. It has so much detail, and the best part is that it was SUPER cheap.

Someone fell asleep eating, and then woke up and started eating again!

We have a lot of the house put together so I will post photos soon. Downstairs is almost done, and once we get a dresser for our room that will be done quick. I just need to finish Kyle's room and Brice's room. We set up a gazebo in the backyard yesterday that we bought on sale last year, and we have to find somewhere to buy firewood, but so far so good!  We love living in this new area and can't wait to start riding our bikes around this summer.