Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Splashdown in Spokane Valley

It has taken awhile to post these because the internet is not being my friend lately.  Last Thursday we were able to go to the waterpark.  We all loved it.  I was afraid I would get stuck with Brice the whole time on the baby slide and have no fun but I was wrong.  The kid part actually had 4 slides and a decent size end of slide pool.  Brandon would send him down and I would catch him at the bottom.  Same thing with Ella.  Cody and Hunter stayed on the kid slides for awhile too, and then went with my dad and Brandon on the big slides. 

Brice was shivering after a little bit so he cuddled in a towel with Nana and Aunt Kacey, and Brandon and I went on a couple of slides together.  When we got off, he realized his watch wasn't on and we couldn't remember if he was wearing it.  We checked the camera to look at the pictures from when we first got there and he WAS wearing it, so somewhere along the way it fell off.  We couldn't figure out HOW it fell off since it has one of those locking clasps, and we figured we'd never see it again because if someone found it they would keep it instead of turning it in to lost and found. 

We walked around the pool at the bottom of the slides and could only see leaves that were floating in there.  My dad got in and started at one end looking under the water and made his way to the other end.  Finally when he reached the end he thought he saw something.  He reached down and found the watch!  It had broken near the face, the pin was bent, and a whole piece is missing so it can't be put back together, but at least it was found!  It was Brandon's present from high school graduation so he's had it a long time and it's special. 

We stayed about 3.5 hours.  Here are some pictures. 

Cody and Hunter
The 4 big slides

Weee!  He had a look of terror right before he was caught at the bottom

Hunter finallly convinced Cody to go in the toilet bowl

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  1. Love water parks! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!