Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sunday afternoon we went to Kermis, which is a little like the fair with rides and food and vendors.  This is the second one we saw but the first one we went to.  I think they usally have them on the town's Centrum, so this was a pretty decent size one.  I guess the one in Eindhoven, where Cody's school is, is really big, so we'll have to watch for that one.  Cody and his friend Titus rode a few rides and then went in the funhouse with their dads.  We got some Oliebollen to eat, which is fried dough in powdered sugar.  Like an elephant ear but in a ball.  They had about 8 different kinds but we just plain.  Next time we'll try some different ones!

Bumper cars with Titus

Roller coaster

Wish we went on this....next time!

The funhouse

Cool baby


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