Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friends and Food

Just got back to the hotel from staying at our friends house last night.  This was one of two or three times we will have to find a different place to stay because our room was booked before we came.  They picked us up around noon yesterday and we went to McDonald's for lunch and then went to a couple of stores in Uden.  They have a couple of stores that are similar to a dollar store and I found a hair dryer, yay!  They had some cute kids clothes and one that we went to the other day had nice winter jackets for the kids.  We also went to a baby store and found a rain cover for Brice's stroller.  They have some really cute baby bedding and blankets in there too. 

For dinner, Summer (the mom)  thought she was cooking for an entire army.  We had steak, chicken, and hamburgers, plus corn, rice, black eyed peas, potatoes, and mac n cheese!!  It was crazy but so freakin delicious to have a warm home cooked meal!  I ended up doing the grilling because Jared (the dad) took Brandon to the base to get our laundry, while Summer did all the rest.  The kids, Cody, Titus, Piper, and Brice, played in the toy room pretty much the whole weekend.  That was one cool thing about there house.  It was a back room out of the way that was just filled with toys and they could hang out in there and go nuts.  We're going to have to get Brice a kitchen when we move into a house because he always loves cooking when there is one.  He also loves being a princess and talking on the phone :)  It was also finally sunny all day so they were able to play outside for a few hours and pretend they were going on vacation.

He has started smiling for me when I take pictures

Cooking up something yummy!

Brice and Piper

Cody and Titus in the toy room

The older kids went to bed pretty early , and we watched one episode of Glee and the new Robin Hood movie.  I don't even know what time Brice went to bed, he would not sit still for anything.  Finally Brandon had to hold him until he would relax.  We went to bed at midnight, probably the latest (on purpose)  in awhile. 

Summer tyring to get Brice to rock and go to sleep

Luckily Brice slept in for a little bit so we got up at 9.  Summer and Jared thought we were still sleeping because Cody didn't tell them we were awake and they didn't come down for awhile.  She started making pancakes and I had her make half as much as she was about to.  She comes from a huge family so that's what she was used to cooking for.  They are going to the commissary today so they're picking us up some things so I didn't make it there on Friday. 

No idea what we're doing for the rest of the day, right now we're waiting for our room to be cleaned.  It's pouring down rain so we're pretty much stuck inside. 

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I'm glad you have such great friends there!