Friday, September 3, 2010

de Brabantse Hoeve

For the next month or so, probably month and a half until our household goods get here, we will be staying at a bed and breakfast called de Brabantse Houve.  We weren't sure what to expect, just hoping for a room that is big enough for all four of us.  Turns out, this is a very busy couple of days, so we are in a temporary room until our room is available.  There are 4 single beds and a sink in our room that looks like it's supposed to be the massage room.  The massage table was moved into the room attached to it, which is also attached to the owner's garage.  We're sharing a bathroom with the other American family, they had to move out of their room for a few days and are sleeping in the owner's room (Hugo) while he sleeps in his kids room. 
The front

Our bed.  We pushed them together so Brice wouldn't fall off

Wooden shoes!

The breakfast room

So, since we're in the back of the place, we don't have easy access to the rest of the house.  We had some milk in the fridge and needed to get it at 3:30 in the morning for Brice.  To get to the front door you have to open this HUGE gate that's on a wheel.  You have to pull really hard and I almost gave up on.  Luckily the moon was bright enough that I could see, and once I got it open I was able to get inside.  

The owner's name is Hugo, he's very nice and very accomodating.  Always makes sure we have everything we need and comfortable.  We thought we would have missed breakfast this morning but everything was still out and he poured our drinks and made sure we were settled.  I think then he headed out for a bike ride.  He was certainly dressed for one!

There are 3 or 4 bedrooms upstairs that I just glanced at yesterday but they look great.  There's also the breakfast area with a mini fridge we can keep a few things in, plus a living area with a tv.  I'm watching Will & Grace :)  The rooms upstairs also have their own bathrooms with them.  Ours will have a wardrobe in it so we can unpack a few things.  There are 3 Saturdays when we'll have to stay somewhere else but Hugo will hold on to our luggage and we can just take what we need.  He was already booked on those days when our reservation was made, but he set up the arrangements so we don't have to worry about anything.  

They also have a coffee house where they have coffee and soda and a basket of toys the kids can play with.  Yesterday there were 2 ladies that were working here and today there's one of the ladies and a younger guy.  Tomorrow we should be able to sit down with Hugo and talk some more, figure out the bus schedule to get around on the weekends since we don't have a car.  Brandon is going to have to get rides to work and we have to figure out if we can walk Cody to the bus stop.   

Sorry if this is kind of rambling......

Our neighbors on one side are a bunch of horses, and on the other side is a farm where Hugo gets his eggs.  There are cows, sheep, and horses everywhere, plus tons and tons of corn fields.  But they don't sell and eat the corn, they grow it for their animals to eat.Everywhere smells like manure but it's really not that bad after a day.  It probably will be bad in the summer with the heat bearing down on it.     

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