Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Week

Sorry I've been a little bit of a slacker this past week!  That's why there are 3 posts of just photos :)

Wednesday Brandon went down the Schinnen, the Army base, and took the driving class and passed the test to get his license!  Now we just need to figure out how to pay for a car.  The 1st Sergeant is selling his 1996 BMW station wagon so we are probably going to try to get that for now.  It has brand new tires, plus a set of snow tires.  Lots of miles but it's clean and works, plus it has a luggage rack on top, and it's diesel so good gas mileage. 

We're hoping our pay will catch up to us soon.  Every 10 days we submit a travel voucher, and then a couple of weeks later we're supposed to get paid back for the hotel and get our per diem.  I think Brandon has submitted 2 now, and neither one has been processed.  Eventually we will have to pay back the housing money we're still getting from New Mexico as well.  And we don't get housing over here until we sign a contract for a house.  Still have no cost of living allowance either!  I wish people would tell you how expensive it is to move over here.  We have to pay 2 months rent for the house deposit, plus the 1st months rent.  At least you can get an advance for that, just have to pay it back within a year. 

At least we're starting to figure out dinners better.  Last night we ate here at the hotel, and the night before we had dinner delivered!  Yay!  We're pretty much sticking to pizza and gyros, or pizza with gyro meat on it :)  We can't wait to move and be able to cook again!! 

We stayed at our friends house again on Saturday, walked around Uden and went in a bunch of stores to see what they have.  Found the spatula set that I want!  I found it on Amazon but they have it in a store here! 

Elevated off of the counter!  And awesome colors!!
Brice also started saying MOO last week!  I need to get it on video, along with the Ta-da! he started saying today.  If you ask him what a cow says, he won't tell you, but if you say Tell me about the cows, he says MOO!  More like yelling it at you than telling you.  And then this morning I was putting socks on his hands and saying Ta-da!  so he's doing that now too.  Need to add these new words to the list! 

Yesterday Brice and I took the bus into Uden and met my new friend Salina for lunch.  We actually saw a guy wearing wooden shoes.

And another surprise yesterday....when we were sitting waiting for our food, our husbands just happened to walk by on their way to get lunch!  It's so nice when I get to see Brandon during the day, he works until 530 3 days a week and 430 the other 2 days.  No getting out early either.  Maybe after the inspection they can cut back a little during the holiday season but we'll see.  It sounds like he's going to be doing the same QA job as he was doing at Kirtland.  He was looking forward to going back to maintenance but we'll see how it goes.  He's not really doing ANYTHING until the inspection is over.  None of the new guys are. 

Salina and I walked around looking at stores too, and I found the rain boots that I want, plus the warm fuzzy boots I want.  I had to buy a sweater yesterday since I stupidly left my jacket in the room, and found a cute t-shirt for 3 euro as well.  I can't wait for our stuff to come so we don't have to keep wearing the same clothes over and over and over.  The boys are growing and running out of clothes.  Pants that fit Cody a week ago are now too short.  Brice's pants are getting to short as well, and I think he has 2 or 3 shirts that fit.  At least we don't see the same people everyday so no one can tell! 

That's it for right now, my hand is hurting from typing!  I will post the pictures from Kermis a little later!

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