Friday, March 27, 2015

February Fun

Lots of fun in February!  Birthdays and dog sitting were the highlights of the month. Brice also got to bring home Ruby Rabbit for a second time. I have been TAKING lots of pictures, but I have just now finally got them on the computer to share with you. Here you go!

Fun at Hullie for our friend Maizie's birthday party

Someone turned 6!

Brice had a birthday celebration on Friday the 13th at school since his birthday was on Saturday this year. It was also a big day of festivities at school to kick off the Carnival break and all of the kids were allowed to wear their costume to school.  He opened Vickie's present early so he could dress up as Emmett from the Lego  Movie. 

The card from his class, signed by his classmates

Helping me pass out cupcakes

His 2 favorites!  Ms. Naela (who he asks every week to marry him) and Ms. Lubeek (I am going to miss her next year!)

After cupcakes Brice got to choose what the class did, he chose to play a game

Dad had to help, it's still a little big but he should grow into it quickly!

The Parks family came for spaghetti dinner!

Grandpa's presents came!

Outside with Luna!

We kept Luna for the week so her family could go skiing in France!

Can you tell who is not a fan of taking pictures?

Ruby Rabbit

Ruby is passed around the Group 2 (Kindergarten) classes and goes home with someone new every 4 days. This was Brice's second turn with Ruby. Ruby keeps a journal of all of her adventures with the kids!

Thanks for checking up on us!  More to come!