Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today the movers came and brought all of our stuff!!  They took avout 4 hours to unload everything, including union breaks and a lunch break.  The movers from our friends house were done way early so they came over to help our movers.  They had a cool truck that lowered all the way to the ground, I took pictures and will post those next week when we get our super fast internet. 

In a big house it doesn't seem like we have that many boxes, we thought our whole sun room would be full.  There must be more stuff in the garage than I know about because it feels like we're missing so much stuff!  We pretty much started unpacking as they were unloading and have been going non stop.  Neither one of us wanted to stop because the other one was still going so we went longer than we wanted!  Now we're both so sore and Brandon is bored so he started on the office.  I actually think we're about 80% unpacked except for the toy room.  We're going to get a glass cabinet from Ikea to put our mugs and the frogs in. 

A lot of these boxes are completely random and have things from 3 different rooms in them so that's fun! 

Tomorrow I think we're going to go order our couch, and we still need to decide what dining set we want to get.  At least we have our camping chairs, and our rocking chair that we always forget about!  I'm so glad it made it over in 1 piece, it's older than I am! 

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