Tuesday, July 7, 2015


After debarking the Disney Magic, we wanted to see a bit of Copenhagen since we did not have any time the day we arrived to depart on the ship. Our first stop was the statue of the Little Mermaid. It's in a park pretty much by itself, and there were tons and tons of tour busses from all of the cruise ships in the port. If you don't know, The Little Mermaid is a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, and every variation of the story stems from that original story.

Next we drove to this church we wanted to see because of the statues inside, but there was a funeral going on. We should have just waited for it to be over but we drove out of town a bit to get some Starbucks mugs, and then back into town to eat lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. Of course we turn the corner to HRC and guess what's next door??? Starbucks!  Brandon was less than amused....

Statue of Hans Christian Anderson

Tired of driving in all of this traffic. So many buses....
 We went back to the church after lunch, and there was a wedding! So we still couldn't go in. Dad and I sneaked in a little ways to take a picture, but this was about it. For a better view you can look at this blog and read the history and see photos of all of the statues.

After this we left Copenhagen to go to our hotel for the night. We drove about two hours to the ferry and took a 45 minute ferry ride to an island that is part of Germany and stayed in a beautiful wooden house complete with fire place. We relaxed outside while the boys played in the sand box, and had McDonald's for dinner because it was easy. Dad and Brandon got the fireplace going and we watched a move. Perfect way to end a busy week!

Relaxing on the back porch. Pretty sure Kyle took the pictures because this is the best one I have!

Copenhagen (and Denmark) is definitely on the list to go back to. There is really never enough time to see everything over here, so once the kids are grown and we can travel on our own, we are coming back to Europe to explore a whole lot more!

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