Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy 2016!

This is our final year in The Netherlands, we will be moving in September. It is definitely bittersweet; the boys have officially spent the majority of their lives here, made so many friends and have had so many experiences. Who would have thought we would travel to so many places, expand our family, make so many wonderful friends, all in just 6 short years. It seems like a long time but it sure did go by in a flash. But, we are ready for a change. We are ready for the next adventure, I am ready to go back to work, and the older two boys are ready to go back to America. Plus we miss our family! Seeing them once a year or every two years just isn't enough! I am looking forward to convenience (I need drive thru coffee!!!), Home Depot, being able to figure things out easily, but I am going to miss the food, the people, the history Europe has to offer. But, it has shown us how easy it is to travel, and we are looking forward to traveling more in the States, discovering and teaching the kids about US History since they've never had it; heck, Kyle hasn't even been to America! I keep saying, this is our last ____ in Holland! The next nine months are going to fly by and before we know it we will be packing our bags and getting on a plane to make that trek back across the pond.

Here are some photos from picking out our last Christmas tree.

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