Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One Year Later

Today I bought my annual case of Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts!  On the drive home I remebered buying them last year, and what I was doing at the time. I was training for the Rock N Roll Marathon in Madrid. A race we traveled to and I watched from the sidelines because I couldn't run further than 18 miles without my knee going to crap. At that time, I assumed a year later I would be better and training for the Rotterdam Marathon that takes place in April, I NEVER would have thought I would be expecting a baby!!  Even though he was a surprise (just like his brothers) I am so excited for him to get here. I still can't imagine having a baby in the house and starting all over, but I feel like he is completing our family. Brandon and I have always made fun of those families with three kids (sorry Kari!) wondering how they do it and how hard it must be to travel or do anything because most places cater to families of 4, not 5. But now we will be one of those and I can't wait!!  I still want to get back into running. The thought of it does not sound appealing, but the feeling after a long run cannot be compared to anything else; I always felt amazing and had an awesome sense of accomplishment. I want to run Rotterdam in 2014, so if anyone wants to come with I AM recruiting people.


  1. Sign me up as Cheer Captain ;) And I love your lil' blog ♥

  2. I will sign you up as Cheer Captain/Baby holder :D