Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cuz You're Gonna

The wall is no longer purple!  The crib is set up, now we just need a dresser for all of his clothes and to put the changing pad on. We know which one we want, just need to go to IKEA and get it.

Today we went to Brice's new school to register him and take a tour. When we went to the second group 1 (kindergarten) classroom he actually wanted to stay and play; they had a race car mat and train tracks so I think that is what sold him on the idea. He starts full time on the 18th with half days on Wednesday and Friday, and about every other Friday off.  He will also be coming home for lunch.

Cody is working hard on his school work, today seems to be a little rough for him to concentrate, but he did just tell my why grasshopper has 2 p's instead of one, because if it just had one the E would make the O say it's name :)  I am so glad he is actually learning and retaining information!! 

I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed with their very different schedules they will be following, plus adding a third one with his own schedule, but if I ever have to ask myself how I can manage, the voice of Mr. Edward Jones pops up in my head and says 'Cuz you're gonna!' and I know I will!!

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