Monday, January 28, 2013


Yesterday we went bowling with some friends. My high score was 88 :/  We are definitely going to have a rematch when I am not pregnant!  Cody and Brice did great, Cody even had a few strikes! We helped Brice for his first few frames but after that he picked up his ball and threw it down the lane himself. They were so excited, it has been so long since we have been.  We definitely need to go more often, but European bowling is very different. The lanes are small, which can actually be nice, but you reserve your lane by the hour, and as soon as your time is up you are D-O-N-E, no matter where you are in your game. Luckily we finished two games all the way through. There is also a bar and a restaurant behind the lanes. We just ordered drinks since we went after lunch, and they bring them to you when they are ready.

I forgot the camera but I did get these on my phone.....


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