Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving In!

Only had to wait about 4 days after moving in the house for our stuff to come.  It feels like we're missing so much since this house is way bigger than the one we moved out of!  Even with the boys toys it seems like something is missing now that they have a whole room to play in and tons of storage! 

Here are pictures of the moving truck and our house on that first day.  Things are still getting organized and put together so once it's donw there will be more pictures!

Testing out the fireplace!

Now it's on wheels

Apparently they work smarter not harder
6 crates full

Now it's not

Searching for Elmo!

The toy room.  I unpacked most of it but Cody finished it off.  I guess he got tired of waiting.

Organizing the kitchen. 

We thought there'd be way more than this in here! 

We still need to get the boys new beds and some cabinets and a kitchen table.  We ordered our couch last week so that will be here in 5-12 more weeks.  Then we have to figure out how to get it home since they don't deliver.

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  1. Yay for moving in! I'm still in love with your Sun Room, by the way! :)