Monday, April 6, 2015

March Madness

Another birthday boy!! Time is flying by way too fast, I cannot believe Kyle is already 2. He is adding new words to his vocabulary every single day. He looks at something and I tell him what it is and he just repeats it back clear as day!  He is starting to say people's names more and more (besides his brothers!) He loves watching Mickey Mouse and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and of course Thomas the Tank Engine. I think every little boy loves trains!!  He is just the sweetest little boy, giving us lots of hugs and kisses!

His last night being 1. Eating some graham crackers before bedtime.


The big day!  Photoshoot with his brothers, presents, and cupcakes!

I love how it looks like he is playing air guitar

Sweet, crazy boys

Wine and Paint Night!  We have been wanting to do this for AWHILE and Rebecca finally moved here all the way from Cheyenne and made it happen!  She paints as a hobby (but I bought one of her paintings so now she's a pro ;) ) and taught the class to us. I love how everyone's came out so different just based on the colors we used. 

My friend Adi
The amazing Rebecca


Karla. I love this photo!
The steps to the painting:


Rebecca came over near the end of the month for a paint date! She told me to pick one out, so we did wine being poured into a glass.  I know this took less than an hour, I think about 30 minutes. 

Stay tuned for farm and Easter photos :) Hope you have warm weather wherever you are!

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