Sunday, April 12, 2015

Busy Boys

April is not even half way over and it has been a busy month, with much more to come!!! We started the month with a field trip to a local farm. Kyle is the same age Brice was on his first trip, so I was feeling nostalgic! The weather wasn't the best but the boys had fun feeding and trying to pet the cows. There were a bunch of lambs that had been born recently and a two day old baby cow. The farm has cut down on the amount of sheep they have, and they have gotten ridden of their pigs. They are going to be focusing mainly on milk production, even switching to robotic milking, and letting the cows decide when they want to be milked. They just walk up to the machine and it takes over. There are 84 cows at the farm and each one is having a baby this year!  The milk is sold to a company called Campina and distributed around the country.

Brice in 2011
Kyle in 2015

This is a light in the farmer's house. I thought it was cool with the ships!

Later that day Brice started his swimming lessons! He has been waiting a long time for this, and he was on the waiting list for a long time. I am hoping we are here just long enough for him to finish the whole program and earn all three diplomas. He has had two lessons so far and I think he is doing a great job!

Jumping in!

Kyle playing in his basket

Next came the Easter Party and Easter. (This is all in the same week!) Kyle was not at all a fan of the Easter Bunny so we just took a family photo. Cody was not in it because he was out doing his egg hunt :( 

Chubby Bunny

Brandon wouldn't do this with Brice so I did it :)


Someone keeps losing all of their teeth!

Somebunny came to our house!

Then we went to the Kanoa's house for lunch and more Easter egg hunts!

This last week hasn't been so busy, except for yesterday, Brandon did a bike ride in France over a ton of cobblestones (sounds like fun, right?) and the boys and I went thrift store shopping and had McDonald's for lunch!  Today we are taking it easy and I am hoping to go out for ice cream later since the sun is out! There are two more weeks of school and then May vacation which lasts for two weeks. I have some fun things planned so I hope we get to do it all!

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