Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Wife!

After a looong draaaaagging week, the weekend was finally relaxing and stress free with Brandon coming home! Even though it was just for 3 days it was perfect and just what we all needed. We went to Hard Rock for dinner on Saturday followed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (more on that tomorrow) and it was epic. Today we went to look at a house that we are 99% sure we are going to move into, and tomorrow begins week 3 of the longest 6 weeks of my life.

We did have an awesome week though, Cody passed his swimming test, we played Bingo at the club, it's January so we still get to park in the front of the building, and I packed up some more boxes. I have also read 4 books already this year and can't wait to get our Book Club book. My goal for next week is to put some more details into this blog, but getting on here once a week has made me happy so far. (yay for 3 times!)

Here's this weeks pictures:

Triple Cheeseburger after the swimming test! Cody was worried about passing, I was too, because he wouldn't keep his face in the water. Two more months and one more test and he is done!

Passed out.

Best Friends!!

So happy he passed!!

Kyle working out.

Front row parking! Brandon's flight bought the first 4 parking spots for the month of January and two of them are reserved for the girls. Thanks guys! 

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