Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

Week one is gone already, I have a feeling this year is going to fly by faster than the previous ones. We have a lot to look forward to this year. Kyle will turn 1, Brice will turn 5, we are moving to a new house, Vickie is coming, I will turn 29 again, Brandon's parents are coming to visit, and we are trying to get the oldest two to go back to the States with them for a visit before coming back to start at the International School. Kindergarten and 4th Grade.

We had an awesome Christmas and a fun New Year's Eve with lots of fireworks, and I think we have sufficiently recovered and are ready to get back to our routine! Brandon left for a 6 week school in Ramstein today but he will be back in two weeks to take me to see Trans Siberian Orchestra! Luckily even though he is in another country he is only four hours away :)

The boys are going to be in for a rude awakening when they can't play video games all day, they have pretty much had some electronic attached to them for the last week and a half. For some reason I can't upload any Christmas pictures, so here are some hightlights!

Christmas Eve...This was the best out of 10.....they're lucky they're so cute!

The Squadron Christmas Party
Finally received my diploma in the mail!  Happy New Year to me!

 I have a few goals for 2014:
Blog once a week. Read 50 books (it's been done before). Read the Bible. Get in the best shape ever.

There are probably more but that sounds good for today. Let's hope this week goes well with Brandon being gone! 

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