Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Babies

We had an eventful 2 day Valentine/Birthday celebration this year.  I am glad every year will be a party since it's Brice's birthday!!  The day before we had the boys school party on base, I was up late making their delivery boxes.....

I forgot to take a picture of the ones we made, but I did save one of each.  Cody's were a jar with a ladybug that said Happy Valentine's Day Love Bug, and Brice's was a picture of a dinosaur that said You're DINO-mite!  Pretty cute.  Of course I forgot to take the camera, I remembered the 50 other things I had to take, but there are pictures from the party on my Facebook that one of these days I will save. 

Brice had a pretty busy birthday too!  We went to Mommy and Me class in the morning, T-ball after work, and then presents and cupcakes.  I made chocolate cupcakes with a thin mint in it, and we had a little party at T-ball with yummy cupcakes and juice.

I love watching Brice open presents. He is always so excited for everything he gets and his face is priceless.  I hope he doesn't grow out of that!!

Yes, I made him put on another shirt because I didn't want bright orange T-ball shirt in all of my pictures!

This is the only video I can get to upload anywhere.  I think the other two are too big  :(

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