Monday, November 1, 2010


The boys have had their costumes picked out for a month and a half.  We borrowed Brice's costume from Summer, and ordered Cody's costume a long time ago to make sure it would get here on time.  Cody had a party at school where he got to wear his costume, and this weekend was the kids party on base.  After the party there was trunk or treating in the parking lot, both boys got candy.  We're having to ration it because they love it so much. 

Cupcakes for the kids party

Punisher cake and chocolate spiders for another party

Daddy and the monkey

Food at the party.  Brice only ate popcorn, of course

Serious Batman.  Cody had a blast playing with his friends and making monster hands with gloves and popcorn.

Digging for goodies in a bucket full of something.  There was also a bucket of water for bobbing for apples that got dumped over twice. 

This year Brandon and I didn't dress up or decorate our trunk for trick or treating.  We will next year though!

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