Friday, November 19, 2010


This had definitely been the week for food!  Saturday we saw a weiner mobile on our way down to Schinnen:

Monday night my friend Cameron invited us to go to the Pancake House for dinner since our husband's are working late all week.  I had an apple and banana pancake with cinnamon sugar, and Cody had a pancake with Nutella.  These aren't like American pancakes, they're more like thick giant crepes.  SO YUMMY.  I have been wanting to go there since we got here and I'm glad we finally got to go. 

Apples and Bananas
This week the squadron is being inspected, so since they get stuck out there all day the wives cook lunch everyday.  My day was today, Friday, and I made hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, pork and beans, chips, and cookies.  The deli at the commissary doesn't have potato salad or anything like that, they just have meat and cheese, so I called Grandmom down in Georgia to get her potato salad recipe.  It turned out AMAZING.  And it's super easy.  Here's the picture as promised Grandmom!  It looked better in the bowl but I had to put it in the tray to take it to lunch.
I had to refrain from eating all of it.  I think I might make more for Christmas.
Lastly, today was the first day that Brice at a whole apple.  He actually ate two.  Here's a picture of him eating it, and a picture of what was left when he was done.

Tune in Monday for pictures from the Cologne Christmas Market and Sinterklaas!

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