Friday, February 6, 2015

An update! Finally!

Every year I promise to blog more, and every year I don't, so no more promises, just surprise updates!   This year has been going well so far, getting excited for our cruise in June, staying busy with MOPS and shuttling the boys to school. Here are some photos because that's anyone really wants to see, right!?

MOPS Playdate: Making our own play dough. It wasn't exactly like play dough but it was fun to make and fun to squish.

We watched a movie called The Boxtrolls when Brice had a sleepover, so of course the next morning look what invaded our house!

These are from today; Brandon got me a new camera for Christmas and I have been playing with all of the settings. 

The sky when we left this morning

My favorite house in Nuenen

Garland that I just made! 

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