Monday, September 1, 2014

Pfungstadt (Yes I spelled that without looking it up!)

A few years ago Brandon's mom, Sandy, started looking up the Marsteller family history on, and eventually found out that the family Brandon descends from started in Germany. In a town called Pfungstadt.  So of course we had to go check it out when his parents came to visit!!  They moved from there to Pennsylvania, and out from there.  We were able to find city hall (luckily I knew Burgermeister meant Mayor) and from there they directed us to to town archives, where we added our family to the Marsteller book and family information that was already there. We just walked around the town, saw the old city hall, the church, and had lunch at a restaurant that had delicious snitzel.  We also found the old Marsteller Mill, but sadly they were almost done tearing it down. All that was left was some rubble and big hole in the ground. I reached through the construction fence and saved a few pieces of brick to bring home.

It was pretty amazing!

This is the original bell tower with 3 our of 4 of the original bells

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