Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Camping Weekend!

All of the camping trips we have done here so far have been at the resort type campgrounds, complete with playgrounds, swimming pool, bowling alley, restaurant and grocery store. This time around we wanted to be in the woods and just enjoy nature. (and show the boys what camping is actually all about!) After much searching and researching we found the Nature campsites. The ANWB store has a little book with the green card required to use these sites, plus the listing of the 139 Nature campsites in The Netherlands. We picked Groesbeek since it was an hour away and looked the most 'woodsy'.  It was a little cold at night for Kyle, but there were blackberry bushes EVERYWHERE which was exciting for all of us, and Saturday we found a dirt bike race and watched a few rounds of that. Brice could have stayed all day to watch if we let him.  We didn't take any cameras with us so these photos are off of Brandon's phone.  One of the best set ups we have ever had I think, and a great campsite overall!

Fort building!! 

Lots of rain cover :)

This is the face of pure trouble...

Camping Selfie! 

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