Sunday, October 21, 2012

December to Remember

I am already over Halloween and Thanksgiving.  We can even skip Christmas and move straight into baby shower season and I wouldn't mind, but this year I want to start some new December traditions.

First: Daily Christmas movie watching. My friend Shauntai does this every year starting on the first. I think she stole it from ABC Family but that's fine, I want to do it!  So now I need to find 25 Christmas movies, and I am including Charlie Brown and Prep and Landing in this list that DOES NOT INCLUDE The Christmas Story.  I despise that movie, and if I can help it my kids will NEVER see it!

Second: Reading a children's book every day and MAYBE doing a coordinated craft along with it.  That idea came from Pinterest of course, so I hope I saved the link. The kids love doing any kind of project and I am hoping this will make them love reading more than they already do.  (Well Brice does, but Cody is getting there!)

Third: And probably what I am most looking forward to. HOT CHOCOLATE!  I LOVE hot chocolate. It's warm, it's chocolate, and it's warm. I have a ton of K-cups for the Keurig but I have also been looking for different recipes to make my own. While it would be ideal to have a new kind every day, that might be more frusterating than fun, so we will try as many as I can find.  Some are cooked in the crock pot so they will (I hope) last more than just one day!  And of course if anyone wants to send us the flavor box of HoCho they sell at Target and probably Wal-Mart I will not object. :) 

I am really looking forward to this so I hope it works. And I hope I remember to take a lot of pictures!

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