Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 Things I Love About Cruising

10. Someone makes your bed for you, everyday. And twice a day.

9.  The shows
8.  You walk in your room and find adorable towel animals

7.  Food

6.  Waterslides and heated pools

5.  Happy people!

4.  More Food

3.  You wake up in the morning and there's nothing you HAVE to do

2.  There's plenty of time to take a nap

1.  And.....the FOOD. 

I ate so much food and desserts that I gained 4.5 pounds.  Hopefully it comes off just as fast. I love how you can try new things you've never had, and order 3 desserts if you want to try them all.  Our waiters were even bringing us dessert we didn't ask for!  

*This post is about 3 weeks late!!  But oh well.  More cruise pictures are coming!

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