Thursday, January 6, 2011

London, England

We left the base on a Monday night and drove on a tour bus about 2 hours to the ferry in Hoek van Holland, about 20 km from Rotterdam.  Border patrol checked our passports and we walked onto the ferry.  As we were pulling up we thought there was a cruise ship in the port, but that was our ferry!  It was huge, and about 2 months old.  It had a movie theater, duty free shop, casino, arcade, and 2 restuarants.  We had a cabin to sleep in overnight while we crossed the water, it had bunk bed, a couch, tv, and a bathroom with a sink, toilet and a shower.  It was a lot nicer than we were expecting.  We got up in the morning for breakfast when we pulled into port in England, Harmisch, if I remember correctly.  Our breakfast was included in the trip so that was nice.  When we got off we had a 2 hour bus ride to London, driving on the other side of the road :)  We picked up our tour guide next to The Tower of London, and he guided us around for about 3 hours.  We saw all of the major sites, plus some side streets and learned a lot about the city.  We definitely want to go back in the summer when the weather is nicer and there's no fog.

In our room

On the way to London

St. Paul's Cathedral

Tower of London

Brice fell asleep walking around the Christmas market

Tower Bridge

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